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Owner DOB   DOD
John S. Orr 1842 - 1911
Fred M. Orr 1874 - 1951
Charles E. Shriver 1874 - 1967
J. Curtiss Allison 1894 - 1967
David R. Courtley 1939 - 2018
Fred B. King Sr. 1868 - 1933
Fred B. King Jr. 1908 - 1992
Fred W. Weller 1888 - 1969

The Mahoning Valleys finest funeral service and facilities in over a 135 year tradition of professional dignity providing: cremation funerals, traditional funerals, pre-arranged funerals to meet every need and budget, and assistance with out-of-town deaths.


Arrange The Funeral PlansOnce you've chosen a funeral director and had the opportunity to start discussing your preferences, the next logical step is to pre-arrange the service. Pre-arrangement is not a preoccupation with death; it is a personal tool for preparation. Many people pre-arrange in a sincere desire to be helpful to their families and avoid questions and confusion later on.

The first step is to get together with your family. Offer your thoughts and then listen carefully. Give their ideas special attention. Since your funeral will most directly affect your family, it is essential to include their suggestions in your plans.

Next, go ahead and arrange a conference with your funeral director and family members. Use this opportunity to ask as many questions as necessary, and to discuss the choices that will help to create a tribute that is appropriate and meaningful for you.

Your funeral director has the proper forms needed for making these arrangements. He or she will likely keep a copy of these forms on file, but you should ask for copies as well. Keep them with your valuable papers, review them periodically, and update them as necessary. Remember, with a pre-arrangement plan, you are in charge.

Funding the pre-arranged service is also a choice many people make to further ease a possible financial burden on their family members. It allows you to arrange the specific kind of service you desire based on today's prices and be assured of an adequate fund for the future payment of the service.

There are several options available for funding the pre-arrangement, and they may vary somewhat in each state or province. Talk to your funeral director about funding the pre-arranged funeral service. He or she will be able to give you helpful information and thoughtful guidance.

Funeral Options

No matter what your funeral preferences, your funeral director can help you with every aspect of the funeral process. Among other things, your funeral director can:

  • Arrange the funeral plans
  • Help notify friends and family
  • Secure necessary permits and death certificates
  • Take care of the body
  • Coordinate all details with the clergy
  • Help in the arranging for burial or cremation
  • Notify your attorney if you need legal help
  • Help secure any benefits to which you may be entitled
  • Follow up after the funeral, providing practical help in adjusting to your loss

Help In The Arranging For Burial Or Cremation When a death occurs, call your funeral director immediately. Regardless of the day or time, funeral directors are always prepared to respond to your needs quickly and competently, and to guide you through the array of choices that need to be made.

If possible, try to make planning the funeral a joint effort with other family members or very close friends. Working together can sometimes lessen the burden and further enable the healing process. Many decisions listed below can be best made by several people, with consideration of the deceased's wishes.

Generally, a funeral gathering is held in a funeral home or a place of worship. A gathering with the body present is a funeral service. If the body is not present, the gathering is referred to as a memorial service. Whether you choose to bury, cremate or place the deceased in an aboveground vault, you may arrange either a memorial or funeral service. It is often customary to have a period of visitation or a reception at the funeral home or mortuary. During this time the casket may be open or closed, according to the family’s preferences. Some families opt to receive friends at their home or other location.

Your funeral director can guide you through the wide range of decisions that have to be made. Those decisions include choosing a casket, a vault and or an urn, the type of service and who will preside, and a method for people to express their sympathy, such as flowers or donations to the deceased's favorite charities.


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